Our company

Domi-Home is family-based company. Established in January 2016. Our style is highly revolved around the tastes we’ve developed over the years as a family.

Though our practices have exited a previously different industry, we’ve revolved our focus on CHARM as it has become a signature in our way of presenting our business.

This happens to be the foundation on which we’ve built our brand.
The focus has always been about standing out of the crowd.


Lifestyle Furniture and Home Décor.

It tells a story, which began in St-Martins in the Caribbean sea. The colonial era has played an important role and has become a strong element in the development of our spirit. It brings the anarchism in Concept, and the freedom in Design.

With a strong history of the French influence throughout the years. A large part of our culture is imprinted on the late Baroque-esque and Contemporary Victorian architecture. It provides the pillar in our Structure and remains the root of our Influence.

The journey has evolved over the past years and has travelled far around the globe. With a touch of Exoticism from deep within the rain forests; a large part of our Energy has rooted itself in Asian culture.

Notably Balinese and Indonesian made, the extents of our Influence spreads across the whole of South East Asia through carefully selected and passionating craftsmanship.

After a long voyage Exoticism has played a huge role in our Image. A big part of our future will be based on our Flexibility to find New & Unique pieces.

After all, we thrive to create New & Exciting Stories to share.

Domi-Home Bali Furniture